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Are you trying to conceive?

Are you trying to conceive a baby? Do you know how to optimise your health so that you will conceive easily and have a healthy, happy baby? It's the most natural thing in life.

Have you been trying to conceive and experienced problems such as infertility or miscarriage?

If so, you need go no further. The answers to your questions are either on this site (click on any of the links in the boxes above) or in my comprehensive and easy to read book "It Takes Two: Reproducing Naturally Today". Thousands have become pregnant after reading this book which you can buy here as a hard copy or download the e-book. You might also be interested in my new e-book making love & Babies which discusses the relationship, stress and intimacy issues underlying fertility problems and provides practical and enjoyable solutions.

For MEN who want to understand about how their system works and what to do if they have results that are below par, I have a new e-book called BUILD SPERM WITH ATTITUDE. This book explains all the known causes of male infertility: many but not all are correctable. Sperm count shows men how they can take control and correct problems that are caused by lifestyle. Also control your life with a life insurance quote.

For an immediate assessment of your lifestyle and the changes you may need to make, answer the ON-LINE Fertility Evaluation TODAY and discover the causes of your problems or contact Dr Ford to arrange for her personal evaluation and counselling. Alternatively you can have a telephone consultation for as little as $25 per 15 minutes. Just contact us to make an appointment.

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Who is Dr Judy Ford?

Dr Judy Ford, internationally respected geneticist and "lifestyle doctor" spent 30 years researching fertility and miscarriage. Her early work involved studies of cells and what happened when things went wrong. Her later work focused on people. She wanted to understand how people really lived their lives and what, if anything, they were doing wrong. From 1989 to 1994 she conducted the world's first ever studies of the lifestyle of 600 normal couples who were planning pregnancies. The results of these studies attracted worldwide attention. She now devotes her time to educating people about health and solving couples' reproductive problems.

Dr Judy's clear and easy to understand information is based on her own extensive research of how lifestyle, diet and environment interact with genes and cells to influence health. Her studies show that most problems of fertility and miscarriage can be corrected naturally. There is rarely need to resort to drugs or intensive technologies.

Judy has written a very popular book "It Takes Two - Reproducing Naturally Today" available HERE as hard copy or E-BOOK. She has also written an E-BOOK on How to interpret a Temperature Chart, which goes with the free downloadable chart.

Learn how to resolve any problems and have your healthy baby naturally

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  Talk to Dr Judy before seeking expensive, invasive therapies

  Young Simon's dad had tried to have a child for fifteen years.  He had been on IVF programs with his first wife, who died whilst on IVF. He married again but still his problem persisted and he returned to IVF. Just before he commenced special ICSI* therapy, a friend recommended that he see Dr Judy Ford for counselling.

Lifestyle counselling by Dr. Judy resolved the couple's problems immediately and Simon was conceived naturally!

*ICSI is Intracytoplasmic sperm injection. It is used when the sperm will not fertilize normally. There are risks associated with the procedure. In this case the sperm problem was completely overcome by simple lifestyle changes.

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Glowing Good Health is a state of balanced health of mind and body. It is the optimal health achieved by understanding and nourishing the needs of our minds and our bodies. The closer we each move towards being in tune with nature, the more we enrich ourselves and our total environment. 

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