Telephone Consulting

Dr Judy Ford's personal help and advice

trying to conceive

ovulation & basal temperature



birth defects

Love Making & Fertility



Are you trying to conceive?

Have you had Miscarriages?

Did you have an unexplained problem in one of your past pregnancies?

Are you worried that your child might have a problem that could be passed on to their children?

Are there problems in your family that concern you?

Do you and your partner have sexual problems?


Dr Judy Ford can help you with any of these problems and with a range of other problems relating to genetics, health and lifestyle. Telephone consulting is an ideal solution for anyone who is busy, has time constraints, lives outside a city or who lives outside Adelaide and would like to consult Dr Judy.

Telephone consulting has worked for many people and Dr Judy has several clients who are having on-going health coaching. It is the perfect solution when either time or distance is a problem or where you have a problem that causes you embarrassment.

Phone consultations need to be booked but they can often occur on the same day or evening. Either phone 08 8244 7551 or email to make your appointment. Consultations are charged at $25 per 15 minutes (plus GST) and usually paid for by credit card immediately after the consultation.