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Infertility is of two types: Male Infertility and Female Infertility. In many infertile couples, both partners have reduced fertility. Our new page SPERM COUNT has a specific focus on male infertility and an understanding of how to avoid the traps of modern living that are increasing male infertility.

Male Infertility
Male Infertility results from an ability to produce sufficient motile sperm for fertilization. If there are no sperm (azoospermia) or very few (oligospermia) then the couple will usually need to use Artificial Insemination or a technique like ICSI (Intracytoplasmic sperm injection) to conceive. If the sperm have defective tails or some other major abnormality then natural conception will be impossible. Most severe problems are caused by abnormal genes or chromosomes.

HOWEVER if morphology is poorer than average, motility is lower than average or the count is in the low normal range, the cause can usually be found in a lifestyle evaluation. These problems can usually be overcome relatively easily. Contact me, answer the on-line Lifestyle Evaluation and get IMMEDIATE PERSONAL ADVICE or purchase my new book 'Build sperm with attitude'.

Female Infertility
Total female infertility results from either tubal damage or some condition (usually genetic or chromosomal) that permanently inhibits ovulation. There could be an absence of eggs or some other developmental defect.

HOWEVER if there is difficulty getting pregnant but no tubal damage and there are cycles of some sort, whether long or irregular or low in mucus or they don't match temperature charts or you can't detect ovulation with home kits, it is VERY LIKELY that the problem can be addressed by changes in lifestyle. Contact me to make a time for a telephone or in person consultation or get IMMEDIATE GUIDANCE by answering the NATURAL FERTILITY Evaluation .

Couples with Infertility
Frequently when a couple presents with infertility there are minor problems on both sides. Most of these problems can be overcome by understanding and rectifying the causes. Most of the causes lie in lifestyle i.e. the collection of habits, experiences, diet, chemical exposures, stress and emotional experiences that make up life and lifestyle. Some can be overcome by adopting good habits. Others need the help of professionals who can assist in detoxification, stress release, counselling etc.

To assist in a rapid identification of the myriad of possible causes, I have developed the NFS Evaluation. This all encompassing on-line interview ensures that things aren't overlooked. You receive a report for each section immediately. Practitioners make assumptions about people that are frequently wrong. The causes of problems frequently reside in those unasked questions.

Relationship and Sexuality in Infertility
Many infertile couples don't find enough time for sex. When they try to time love-making to coincide with ovulation, they create further stress that itself can inhibit fertility. If this is your problem take time out to read my new E-Book MAKING LOVE AND BABIES. You will find some very helpful advice about many aspects of your relationship and about sexual habits and techniques that improve the chances of conception. For example the woman's orgasm can aid conception but if it occurs too early it can kill the sperm! Find out what to do and what not to do.

"We have unexplained infertility"
Unexplained infertility is not a diagnosis. It is a lack of explanation.
Your doctor has run through all the tests and has told you that there is no obvious explanation for your problems.  There does not seem to be obvious male or female infertility. Your problem seems to be without a known cause. You have been told that you have unexplained infertility. The real reason probably lies in your lifestyle or sexual practices (if you have not tried IVF).

You will find easy to understand the detailed explanations in my book it takes two, which you can order NOW.  Or you can CONTACT for an appointment. Consultations are held in person in Adelaide and by telephone anywhere else. You can get help from our Books, Counselling or from the Evaluation.

Is there any hope of overcoming unexplained infertility?
Unexplained infertility can frequently, but not always be overcome.  It depends on the true nature of the underlying problem or problems and whether they can be addressed.  In other words it depends on whether we can explain the unexplained infertility. My research and counselling experiences have shown me that there are many different issues underlying so-called unexplained infertility.  Some couples have only one contributing factor but usually there are several different problems that need to be addressed simultaneously. 

What are some of these additive causes of unexplained infertility
These factors frequently include:

  • emotional/stress related issues

  • inadequate or unbalanced diet

  • sexual problems

  • shift-work or other lifestyle problems

  • medications or drug use

  • undiagnosed chronic health problems

  • unsuspected chemical exposures or EMR exposures

  • age of either or both partners

The best way to discover all the contributing factors is by completing the NFS Evaluation. You will receive your own Personal Report that you can act on IMMEDIATELY.

Will the changes be EASY?

My son Patrick didn't like his first bath but he soon learnt to love it. Adopting new habits is just like that. You might find some of the necessary changes difficult at first.  You will need to keep your goal in sight.  I can help you to both discover the necessary changes and help you to make them.  I can be your mentor but in the end it will be your own efforts that will overcome your unexplained infertility and create fertility.

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It is likely that you can be helped without the use of drugs and invasive treatments.

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