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Who am I and how can I help you make your dream come true?
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I'm Dr Judy Ford, a geneticist who has worked in laboratory and clinical research for over 30 years.  I have a first class Honours and Ph.D degrees.  I have published nearly 100 research papers, written two books and recorded three CDs and several shorts talks.  I regularly counsel people and speak at Workshops and Conferences

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I now work full-time as a Communicator and Counsellor, helping people understand the causes of their problems and to become their own healers.

My Research Findings:

For about 17 years, I examined the cellular conditions that cause cells to make mistakes in cell division.  This  important work helped me to understand why some women had Down syndrome babies and why others miscarried.  The work showed that if a woman was having a problem with her eggs, she also had a problem in her blood cells. 

She had a whole body problem not just a reproductive problem.

How did I connect lifestyle to infertility and miscarriage?

After discovering what could happen to cells, I went on to study what real people did in their lives.  Our study, called the PALS Pregnancy and Lifestyle Study was the first and largest study to examine the lifestyle of normal couples who were planning to have a baby.   Six hundred couples helped with our research.

What did we find?

We were surprised by the huge effect that lifestyle played in predicting female infertility, male infertility and the risks of miscarriage.  We discovered, for example, that a man's occupation could greatly increase his partner's risk of miscarriage.  We also found that couples with unexplained infertility usually had diets that were low in certain critical nutrients. Often these couples thought that they had a very good diet.  Cleaning agents, stress, shift-work, types of clothing, fluid intake and a myriad of other factors were also very important.

The findings in our groundbreaking studies have now been supported by many others.  The information you need to know is presented simply and clearly in my book It Takes Two, which you can order in hard copy or as a downloadable e-book.

Many couples have resolved their problems after reading It Takes Two or after answering the Questionnaire, with or without Counselling.

The three most popular services are:

Join other successful couples and find joy in your life.

If you are not keen on reading, there are two other ways I can help you. 

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Phone Number: 08 8244 7551