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Cause of Miscarriage
Contrary to commonly expressed medical opinion, the cause of almost all miscarriages can be found. Some couples suffer from genetic problems but almost all infertility and miscarriage are caused by lifestyle and the negative effects of ageing. Many problems can be overcome by correcting bad habits and optimising lifestyle. This will also reduce some of the effects of aging. Good health, happiness and the joy of a baby might be just reducing stress or having a few more regular serves of vegetables away.

Miscarriage, the loss of a pregnancy generally in the first 12 weeks, occurs in at least 15% of all pregnancies. It occurs much more frequently in the pregnancies of women aged 37 or older. With very few exceptions, miscarriage occurs because the developing embryo is abnormal in some way. Chromosome abnormalities cause about 50% of miscarriages but those with normal chromosomes have the same range of developmental problems. But the chromosome problems in the embryo that miscarries are almost always caused by the mother or father's health at the time of conception. In most couples, the majority of their cells are normal.

Was a lifestyle problem the cause of my miscarriage?
There are many different 'habits' that can affect whether you have a miscarriage or a normal healthy baby. You might not even know that these habits are bad - not because you are ignorant but because many things are never discussed. Could you have imagined that the way you clean your teeth could affect your baby? Even more amazing, my research has revealed is that some lifestyle habits don't matter much or at all when you are younger but matter a great deal when you are older than 35. Smoking, for example, probably won't affect your fertility when you are younger but it will certainly make it very difficult for you to conceive normally when you are older. To find out all about lifestyle and miscarriage, you will need to answer my on-line evaluation. There is a small charge for answering the questions and receiving your detailed report but as part of this service you can also request one free email consultation.  You do need to answer the questions first though or otherwise I can't help you.

This unique on-line counselling service could save you heartache and a great deal of money.

Was my Miscarriage of a normal embryo?
In my laboratories we became experts at examining miscarriages and defining the degree of development. We found that Obstetricians commonly told women that their pregnancy had been normal whenever the chromosomes were normal. This was incorrect and set couples on the wrong path. Unless your miscarriage has been examined by an expert who looks for developmental abnormalities (and there are very few people in the world who can and will do this), then you don't know. Generally you should assume that the pregnancy was abnormal. It is very rare indeed for normal embryos to miscarry.

Wounded from miscarriage
Your miscarriage has wounded you deeply. You suffer, largely alone, your feelings are a mixture of grief, guilt and desperation. You have miscarried but no-one other than you and your partner might have known that you were pregnant.  You feel that no-one else can understand this loss of your unborn child.
You wonder whether it was your fault? What could you have done differently? Can you allow yourself to hope that next time you could have a normal conception? If you live in Australia you can receive emotional support from SANDS.

Pregnancy after Miscarriage: Is there an increased risk of another Miscarriage?
Women often ask about the risks in a pregnancy after miscarriage? They often fear becoming pregnant again least they miscarry again. Even in her old age, a woman often still suffers from the deep personal loss of a miscarriage.
The answer to the question is "yes". If the conditions that caused the first miscarriage are still present then there is a risk of a further miscarriage. It is important to discover the cause of the miscarriage so that you can prevent it happening again. It is also important to leave at least three months between pregnancies.

Hope for Women who have miscarried
I have counselled many women who have experienced one or more miscarriages. I am pleased to say that I have been able to help the majority of them have a normal healthy baby.
Most miscarriages are caused by some aspect of lifestyle or ageing. The prevention USUALLY lies in optimising health prior to conception. 

Solutions to Miscarriage: Explanations and Counselling
My book it takes two explains all the different causes of miscarriage and gives helpful advice for preventing future problems. I counsel couples about early and late miscarriages as well as multiple miscarriages.

I would love to help you resolve your problem.
me today for an appointment.  Consultations can be made in person in Adelaide or by telephone anywhere else. Alternatively, answer the NFS Evaluation and obtain your Personal Report and advice.

What are the causes of miscarriage and recurrent miscarriage?
There are two types of miscarriage. One is the loss of an embryo that is physically abnormal. The second is the loss of an embryo that is apparently normal. A woman with recurrent problems might miscarry either type but the former is the more common. If you are having problems, why not discover their cause by completing the NFS Evaluation?

These are the common causes of miscarriage with abnormal embryos. Are you at risk?

  • Maternal ageing (see Table below) ***

  • Irregular or late ovulation (frequently corrected by nutrition and/or supplements or other lifestyle modification)

  • Chronic exposure to toxic chemicals

  • Chronic disease

  • An inherited chromosome abnormality in woman or man***

*** These are problems that might not be preventable. The maternal ageing risk can often be reduced.  Contact me about these to arrange an email or telephone consultation.

Conceptions with one or more extra chromosomes by age of mother

Maternal Age

Per Cent Risk















Inherited Chromosome Abnormalities
An inherited chromosome abnormality cannot be cured.  However about 50% of your conceptions will be normal. (You will miscarry the 50% that are abnormal).  Your road is hard but not impossible. Couples often find that once they understand the reason that they can cope. One of my most loved clients had 14 miscarriages before she conceived her two normal children.

What are some causes of miscarrying normal embryos?

  • Progesterone deficiency (WHICH CAN USUALLY BE CURED NATURALLY)

  • Other dietary deficiency/imbalance (WHICH CAN USUALLY BE CURED NATURALLY)

  • Serious unresolved emotional issue

  • Uterine or endometrial problem***

  • Immunological or blood clotting problem. Blood clotting problems are strongly influenced by DENTAL HEALTH

  • Chronic disease or infection

Physical Problems
A structural abnormality of the uterus that causes miscarriage might be corrected by an operation. Some endometrial problems are more difficult.

Lifestyle and Diet
Most of the other problems related to miscarriage can be cured or ameliorated by lifestyle and dietary changes.  You might like to start by evaluating whether your ovulation is normal by keeping a Temperature Chart and learning how to interpret it.

Alternatively, you might consider joining the Natural Fertility Solutions program where you complete the NFS Evaluation and receive counselling.




It is most likely that your diet, lifestyle and personal stresses are contributing to your miscarriage problems.  They could be the sole cause of your problems and it might be easy to correct them.

It is very likely that you can be helped without the use of drugs and invasive treatments.

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