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Solving Infertility Problems
Resolving the Infertility Problems of the Childless Couple

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"We have unexplained infertility"

Unexplained infertility is not a diagnosis. It is a lack of explanation.

Your doctor has run through all the tests and has told you that there is no obvious explanation for your problems.  There does not seem to be obvious male or female infertility. Your problem seems to be without a known cause. You have been told that you have unexplained infertility.  

The Roller Coaster Ride of Infertility
You may have been through various technical procedures, including IVF, and still you haven't achieved your dream of holding your own baby in your arms. What is happening or not happening that is causing your problem? What is this unexplained infertility?

You will find easy to understand the detailed explanations in my book it takes two, which you can order NOW.  Or you can EMAIL for an appointment. Consultations are held in person in Adelaide and by telephone anywhere else.

Is there any hope of overcoming unexplained infertility?
Unexplained infertility can frequently, but not always be overcome.  It depends on the true nature of the underlying problem or problems and whether they can be addressed.  In other words it depends on whether we can explain the unexplained infertility.

Causes of unexplained infertility
My research and counselling experiences have shown me that there are many different issues underlying so-called unexplained infertility.  Some couples have only one contributing factor but they are the minority. 

Usually there are several issues underlying unexplained infertility

These factors frequently include:

  • emotional/stress related issues

  • inadequate or unbalanced diet

  • sexual problems

  • shift-work or other lifestyle problems

  • medications or drug use

  • undiagnosed chronic health problems

  • unsuspected chemical exposures or EMR exposures

  • age of either or both partners



If you are having problems, why not discover their cause by completing the
NFS Questionnaire?

Will the solution be easy?

Sometimes the answer is quite easy and can be discovered by keeping a simple temperature chart. You can download free TEMPERATURE CHARTS and an e-book that provides a simple and comprehensive explanation.

Making Changes
All of us have gone through a great deal of learning and experimenting to become functional adults.  Just as my son Patrick was having trouble with his first bath, you might have difficulty adjusting to some of the changes that will be necessary to overcome your unexplained infertility.

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You might find some of the necessary changes difficult.  You will need to keep your goal in sight.  I can help you to both discover the necessary changes and help you to make them.  I can be your mentor but in the end it will be your own efforts that will overcome your unexplained infertility and create fertility.



It is likely that you can be helped without the use of drugs and invasive treatments.

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