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Dr. Judy Ford: For your next dynamic conference, course or workshop on Fertility, Miscarriage, Maternal Health, Thirty and over, Pregnancy or Breast-Feeding

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Can a scientist be inspiring, vibrant, witty, interesting and provocative? This unusual Australian Geneticist is all this and more. She will delight and educate your audience.

Dr. Judy Ford teases out facts and makes sense of science. Her talks, always full of stories and laughter, are powerful and life changing.

Dr Judy talks about her research and experiences working with couples. Some of her past titles have included:

  • Pregnancy and Lifestyle

  • How to enhance your Fertility

  • What can we learn from chromosomal studies of miscarriage?

Pregnancy and Lifestyle:

"Thank you for your valuable contribution to the National Science Teacher’s Congress. Many delegates asked for a copy of your presentation to take to their schools and universities throughout the country. International organisations requested information with a thought to you providing a similar Key Note address in their own countries."

- Marj Colvill,
Programme Convenor, CONASTA 43, 1994

How to enhance your Fertility - Genes, genetics and Lifestyle:

"I would like to sincerely thank you for your address to the Friends of Queensland Fertility Group's Pre-Conception Care and Natural Fertility Seminar on November 4.  It was a great day. We have received a lot of positive feedback from our members regarding your entertaining and informative talk on Lifestyle and Fertility. You managed to keep the audience's attention all afternoon. The seminar attendees appreciated your skills in delivering information on the complex issue of genetics in such an entertaining and easy to understand way."

- Jo Cranstoun,
Friends of QFG President, 2000
Brisbane, Queensland

What can we learn from chromosomal studies of miscarriage?:

"Dr Judy Ford was an invited speaker at the sixth SANDS National Biennial Conference - "Living, Loving ....... Remembering" ...... Although her topic sounds difficult, Dr Ford has a remarkable ability to make her subject sound easy. All those who attended remarked on how much they had enjoyed the presentation and how much they had learnt......... Dr Ford blends her scientific explanations with empathy for those who have suffered bereavement. It is this blend of science and sensitivity that makes her sought after for addresses in these sensitive areas........ We have no hesitation in recommending her to others who wish to be presented with the latest findings with clarity, sensitivity and humour.

- Pauline Allman,
SANDS, 1998
Adelaide, South Australia

More about Judy Ford

Judy FordJudy Ford graduated with first class Honours and Doctorate in Genetics from the University of Sydney. She’s published many research papers, taught at all education levels and spoken extensively nationally and internationally. Her career has given her a unique knowledge base and perspective.

Since 2000, she has devoted herself to writing, speaking and broadcasting. She educates, inspires and induces change. She has written 2 books, "It Takes Two: Reproducing Naturally Today", "G-L-O-W Principles of Healthy Ageing" and produced CD’s "Gourmet Good Health" and "Strengthening Yourself against Breast Cancer". Her articles are published in many magazines and she is a regular radio commentator. In 2001, she was recognized by the SA Investigator Science Centre as one of 14 SA Science Innovators of the 20th Century.


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