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Trying to Conceive but still having problems?

"I've been trying to conceive for six months and nothing seems to be happening". Is this happening to you? Perhaps like thousands of other women who are trying to conceive, you too can be helped naturally. Dont waste your time and money on IVF until you've taken some simple steps.

If you are trying to conceive and having difficulty, the problem is most likely to lie in your or your partner's current lifestyle. Unless the problem is damage to the fallopian tubes or an exceptionally low sperm count, most women can be greatly helped by changes in lifestyle. Especially if you are older, aged about 35 or more, lifestyle changes are more likely to help you than IVF. Your lifestyle changes NOW will also improve your child's health for the whole of it life!

Recently, a man approached me after I had given a conference presentation and thanked me for his four wonderful children. I had not met him before but remembered his wife very well. Before she had come to me for advice, she had experienced problems trying to conceive for three years. She conceived in the first cycle after our discussions. She didn't have any problems conceiving the next three healthy babies.

Healthy babies conceived in your love - how we help you

The natural outcome of love is to conceive, experience the intimacy of pregnancy, and deliver a normal healthy baby.  Sadly, for many couples this seems to be an elusive dream.  Recent studies in westernised societies show that one in six couples has problems. Trying too hard to conceive sometimes becomes the problem and affects the relationship.

If you like to read - I have written several e-books that address different problem areas. If you would immediately like to answer a series of easy questions and receive guidance on what you need to do, then have a personal evaluation. You can also have either telephone, email or personal counselling from me, Dr Judy Ford, for a small fee. Contact me now or after you have answered the evaluation.  Once you are experiencing your normal pregnancy, you may then get very helpful advice from Pregnancy Info - Healthy Pregnancy Tips

Lifestyle can cause infertility and miscarriage

Many reproductive problems are caused by our modern, urbanised lifestyle.  We can be sure of this because the rate of male and female infertility is increasing at an alarming rate.  We also know because scientific research shows that many factors of everyday living can affect fertility and the health of your newborn baby. If you are trying to conceive, you can improve your chances of having a healthy baby just by examining your lifestyle and making changes to chemical exposures, your diet, your exercise and by reducing emotional and physical stress. You can find the details in my book IT TAKES TWO which you can either buy in hard copy or as an e-book. Alternatively, if you'd like a fast evaluation, why not discover their cause by completing the NFS Evaluation?

Your Healthy Lifestyle will improve your Baby's Health

Not only will positive changes of your lifestyle help you to conceive but they will also increase your chances of having a normal healthy baby. In fact recent studies have shown that your health and lifestyle AT THE TIME OF CONCEPTION will influence your child's whole life!

A high proportion of couples attempt to resolve their problems using IVF and other methods of Assisted Conception. Not only are the emotional, physical and financial costs high but intervention, such as IVF, increases the risk of your baby having problems.. 

Lifestyle evaluation should be your starting point to either solve your problem or prevent having a problem. Even if you eventually use an Assisted Conception program your outcome will better if you improve your lifestyle and diet first.

How should you start?

You can contact me, Dr Judy Ford for Counselling in person or by telephone world-wide. Alternatively, you could start either by reading IT TAKES TWO or by completing the NFS Evaluation. Then if necessary you can use a Temperature Chart (sometimes called an OVULATION CALENDAR) to evaluate you are ovulating occurring normally. 


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In 1979:

My newborn baby Patrick relaxing with me after a "breast feed"


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Do you have a Problem and can't find the answer?
Could it be that you are not making love at the right time or that you are somehow not getting it right? Did you know that the timing of the woman's orgasm can actually inhibit fertility? Find all the answers to this in my e-book Making Love & Babies.

You might have a problem of miscarriage or infertility or have some inherited or other problem. If so, help is at hand. Discover who I am and how I can help you understand the causes of your problems and overcome them. 


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